Mandatory Courses

Assessment of workplaces

Business seminars

  • Training. Mediation in social and labor relations
  • Training. Mediation competences: conflicts prevention
  • Training. Negotiation process: art of persuasion and dispute management
  • Training. Corporate communications. Management of conflicts
  • Training. Management of labor conflicts: from compromise to cooperation
  • Training. Management of conflicts, problem analysis and making decisions
  • Training. Corporate communications. Company internal environment management
  • Training. Verbal and written communication skills
  • Training. Ethics in business communication and interpersonal communication skills
  • Training. Ethics in business communication and effective communication skills
  • Training. Leadership and team motivation management
  • Training. Leadership as tool of management
  • Training. Effective leadership skills
  • Training. Emotional intelligence as a quality that defines the Leader
  • Training. Public speaking and communication skills
  • Training. Cohesive team
  • Proprietary training: «Skills of successful leader and organization of business processes»
  • Proprietary training-seminar: «Strategic management»
  • Training -seminar: «Resource planning and organization»

Technical trainings

Corporate training

Corporate training - employee training and education of one Enterprise. Pennsylvania University (USA) researches have shown that personnel training expense increase by 10% stimulates labor productivity growth by 8.5% and equivalent capital investment increase by 3.8%. According to Superjob Project interrogation, 51% of employees note the access to education at the expense of enterprise as an important part of social package.

10 advantages of corporate training:

  • simultaneous training of a large number of employees;
  • reducing the cost of education for 1 person compare to individual trainings;
  • management of training process - selection of methodologies, disciplines and formats;
  • possibility of study combined with work;
  • control over knowledge quality, statistical data obtaining;
  • programs standardization;
  • possibility of integrated innovation;
  • getting competitive advantages in the market;
  • increasing loyalty and motivation of personnel;
  • short payback period of education investment.

Programs for professionals

Entellekto performs corporate training for enterprise employees of various sectors – for Oil and Gas, Energy, Construction and other companies. Educational center offers training programs in various disciplines; comfortable formats of lectures, seminars, webinars, trainings; full-time or distance forms of teaching. Students use educational literature, didactic manuals, presentations, audio and video materials in the process of knowledge obtaining.

Entellekto creates unique programs designed to meet the needs of Enterprises-Customers, their spheres of activity, educational level of employees.

Entellekto programs comply with International Standards and Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Educational centers specialists and scientific personnel of leading local and foreign Universities are involved to develop training programs (Almaty Management University, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Ufa State Oil Technical University, Engineering Academy of Oil and Gas Fields, “ИнноMix” LLP).

Entellekto - 100% Kazakhstani Company with many years experience in the field of education, efficient consisting from professionals of high level. Training Center Clients are Leading Enterprises of the Country.

Corporate training in Entellekto – it is new knowledge for new successes.

  • Corporate trainings “Teambuilding”
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